Privacy Statement

May 11, 2021

While this website ( is comprised of completely static content with no solicitation of visitor information, there are a couple of things to point out where information from users may be received.

Automatic Log Data

Our web servers retain logs with information about your access to our website. These logs include the originating IP address, date and time of access, which content was requested, and generic information to identify the web browser type and version.

This log data is securely retained for up to 24 months and is used for basic metrics about the website’s usage. Log data is stored on our service provider’s infrastructure.

Our website does not use client-based web analytics tools.

E-Mail Communication

We provide an e-mail address ( ) that can be used to correspond with us.

Stanard e-mails include information such as originating IP addresses, mail servers, and additional voluntary information provided.

Our e-mail provider, ProtonMail , is renowned for their privacy and security standards. E-mail is only accessed over encrypted connections and is stored encrypted.

E-mail is stored on our e-mail provider’s infrastructure.

Sharing Data

We do not share any visitor data or correspondence with third parties.