May 20th Board Meeting

The May 20, 2021, Academy District 20 School Board meeting  featured a number of comments in opposition to the district’s DEI initiative, including some members of the DEI Task Force speaking about their experience on it.

The DEI Task Force had their own presentation , including their recommendations  to the district. A few of the recommendations were generally agreeable, such as increased transportation options, mentoring programs, and a Career Technical Education (CTE) program - these are efforts long advocated for outside of a DEI program.

CEI, the group the district’s paid to oversee the launch of this effort, also presented  and answered questions.

June 3rd Board Meeting

The June 3, 2021, Academy District 20 School Board meeting  featured more commentary objecting to the district’s adoption of a DEI program with one speaker, a teacher, expressing support for the effort. Apparently, even though the district has a long-established and documented anti-discrimination policy , it must be rewritten and duplicated to satisfy the advocates. Existing district policy already clearly prohibits bullying and discrimination of any kind.

One board member reported concerns with two of the district’s schools’  relationship with The Gemini Group .

The school district should immediately cease all so-called "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion" efforts. This is clearly a waste of time, money, and is only creating a divide where it shouldn't exist. Existing district policies and programs already address many of the concerns of the DEI Task Force and should be enforced where appropriate. The agreeable recommendations don't require the implementation of a DEI program.