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d20dei.org is a dissenting response from Academy 20 families to Academy District 20's DEI program, launched in 2020.

We are opposed to the increasingly fashionable woke activism and indoctrination in our schools.

We believe the district should cease all so-called "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" programs and related efforts. Reports of harassment around identity characteristics or anything else should be handled according to existing policy. The district should always try to increase graduation rates, decrease suspension rates, and foster a welcoming environment to everyone - these are existing guiding principles.

Charges of systemic racism should be handled by the school board, holding district administration personally or collectively responsible if there's any merit to the charges without forcing a "social transformation" program on everyone.

This website will monitor and report on the district's DEI-related efforts.

 We can be contacted by e-mail at contact@d20dei.org

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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